Private Sessions

Etruscan wall painting depicting two dancers

ArtAnvaya offers private movement sessions tailored for individuals:

Movement Therapy:

These sessions will incorporate elements such as postures, movements, breathing exercises, and mental control. 
Any movement, when done naturally and properly, without over-tensing (over-tensing inhibits circulation) and not forced (forced joint movements trigger stretch-reflex and cause stretched muscles to tense for self-protection) create high and low pressure through actively engaging muscles hence improving circulation, this is one of the fundamental principles of Hatha Yoga practice. This effective mechanism can be applied to treat areas that are tense and causing discomfort by using different ways to engage/relax a muscle group around a joint. Accessible Yogic and Taoist breathing exercises can be incorporated to assist the treatment at different stages once the movements are mastered to a certain degree.

Movement coaching for performing artists:
To breath new life into your stage presence, allow your movements to be fluid, graceful, more organic and less affected or cliche. These sessions involve fundamental movement studies in which virtually all movements can initiate from the core, as well as practical movements coaching and polishing for stage presentation. In addition, you will learn a set of coordinated movements and breathing techniques for stage warm-up and work with stage fright.