Move from the Core and Shine from your inner sun! Three days Yoga Immersion with Tangkao Tan November 7-10, 2019, Taitung, Taiwan

Yoga as a process of unblocking the blockage

This is Tangkao Tan’s first workshop in his native country Taiwan, Attempting to initiate a movement from the core can be seen as a process of unblocking the blockages, say if one tries to roll the shoulders forward(shoulder protraction) by moving the core first, it will mean the movement has to start from the core and pass through the entire spine for it to reach the shoulders and this is possible through allowing or freeing the associated joint movements (AJM): the core will first move backward and then upwards, resulting in the spine flexes from the lumbar region and then thoracic region which causes the shoulders to protract and internally rotate… ideally, the whole process ripples out and form an uninterrupted line of movement and awareness.

Initiating bodily movement from the core enhances the circulation of energy (blook flow) and information (nervous, endocrine and immune systems) and it calls for disciplines and intelligence in the movement to allow the associative joint movement to play its proper parts.

In this three-day immersion in a natural setting on the east coast of Taiwan, Tangkao will lead two yoga practices a day, lectures on how to integrate your daily practice to positively affect your physiology and the state of consciousness.

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