Yoga Synergy Spinal Movement

This is Yoga Synergy’s trademark exercise: Spinal Movement, as taught by Simon Borg-Olivier in 2018. Spinal movement is the foundation for Yoga Synergy style of practice. It consists of seven movements that mobilize the spine in seven directions: lengthening, flexing, extending, lateral extending right and left sides, axial rotation to the right and left sides.

It is interesting to point out that these movements rarely happen in our daily life because most of our “spinal movement” is combined with shoulders or(and) hips through associated movement, or a combined spinal movement involving more than one direction at a time (ie. flexion with lateral extension, axial rotation with extension etc). More information about the benefit of spinal movement can be found in my earlier post: “Why Spinal Movement?”

Why spinal movements?

With 24 movable joints, spine is the most important part of the body to mobilize, yet it is often the stiffest part of the body for most people. A stiff spine not only causes discomfort and pain in the spine itself but also effects its adjacent joints: the shoulders and the hips.  These spinal sequences not only develop suppleness in the spine, massage the intervertebral discs, promote healthy function of central nervous system, but also improve the function of heart and lungs (thoracic region) and strengthen the digestive and reproductive systems (lumber and sacrum regions). Associated movements initiated from spine also bring awareness, stability and flexibility to its neighboring shoulder and hip regions.